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The LT-300 thermometer is intended to replace precision mercury thermometers

PC cable and Windows software is included

Temperature range −50...+300 °C

Resolution 0.01 °C, accuracy ±0.05 °C

The LT-300 thermometer may be used anywhere a glass thermometer or other type thermometer usually used

The LT-300 incorporates glass thermometer simplicity with the ease of a digital display. Like precision mercury thermometers, the LT-300 has accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability. But unlike those thermometers it is hard to break it down and there will never be problems with hazardous material cleanup

Unlike most electronic thermometers, the battery powered LT-300 has no wires to get in the way. Due to low power consumption the LT-300 can be operated for about a year on one set of two AAA batteries

Low battery display, and failure mode indications protect the user from false data

Two years warranty


Temperature range

−50...+300 °C

Temperature resolution

   • in the range of −50.00 to +199.99

   • in the range of +200.0 to +300.0


0.01 °C
0.1 °C

Calibrated temperature accuracy

   • in the range of −50.00 to +199.99

   • in the range of +200.0 to +300.0


±0.05 °C
±0.2 °C


LCD with 14 mm characters


Platinum RTD in stainless steel cover

Minimum depth of sensor insertion

75 mm

Temperature response

0 to 100 °C in 20 seconds, water bath

Dimensions W×D×H

   • electronics and display enclosure

   • conventional sensor

75×80×35 mm
Ø3.3×240 mm


0.2 kg

Power supply

Two AAA-size 1.5 V batteries

Besides 240 mm conventional sensor, stem lengths up to 550 mm are available. Sensors in titanium cover of the same diameter for measuring in aggressive liquids are available too

LT sensor

Built-in serial interface allows to connect the LT-300 thermometer to PC via COM-port. Included ThermoChart software allows you to record temperature data as chart and as table, to save and restore it. It is easy to make calibration with use of ThermoChart software

Having fast temperature response, excellent resolution and accuracy, the LT-300 thermometer in conjunction with ThermoChart software is the perfect tool for creation of calorimetric systems


VIP-2M standard accessories 


Standard accessories:

  • 1 meter lenght cable with connectors for sensor extending (custom lengths available)
  • 2 meters lenght cable for PC connection (can be extended by custom null modem cable with 9-pin connectors)
  • DualLock tape for enclosure fixing on the wall