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mark smith (califonia)
at tuesday 09-26-2017 21:09:15

Ofer credite flexibile și fonduri pentru diferite proiecte prin trecerea procedurilor obișnuite riguroase. Acest program de finanțare permite unui client să se bucure de o rată scăzută a dobânzii de până la 3% pe an pentru o perioadă de 1-20 de ani. Pot aproba un împrumut / finanțare de până la 200.000.000,00 USD sau mai mult, în funcție de natura afacerii. Răspundeți-ne pentru mai multe detalii la:

Yofan Pratama (Jakarta)
at tuesday 07-11-2017 03:53:54
Love your work!\r\\r\n
Sonja Walter (Freiburg)
at friday 06-30-2017 18:19:42
The best I've ever seen. I love it. (
at tuesday 04-25-2017 05:14:14
at friday 04-21-2017 18:11:35
kateryna (amsterdam netherlands)
at tuesday 04-11-2017 14:14:28
thanks for the follow up, much appreciated!
Jack Francis (London)
at friday 03-24-2017 23:55:36
Send more info Pse
Nafradi (Sacele)
at friday 03-18-2016 12:57:14
I would like to know the prices for baths THERMOTEST-300 and THERMOTEST-05-02.
Do you have dealer in Europa, Romania.
How warranty issues can be solved?
FOB prices:
- THERMOTEST-300 - $3100
- THERMOTEST-05-02 - $5500
Unfortunately, we do not have any dealer in Romania.
For example, the last issue (not warranty, after 2 years in use) in Luxembourg we solved by sending a spare parts and detailed instruction for service staff.
Sam (USA)
at friday 10-10-2014 21:18:09
what is the price of the octane meter?
The price of the OCTANE-IM is 1250 USD.
Suyito (Indonesia)
at friday 03-29-2013 06:47:21
Do you have agent in Indonesia? Give me the contact person agent in Indonesia. immediately. thank you
Our company has dealer in Indonesia. It is "SAE MITRA SEJATI" in Jakarta. Phone: 021 94309943, 8015501.
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