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TERMEX is a Russian manufacturer of constant temperature circulators, baths, digital thermometers, temperature data loggers and digital density meters used for research, science and industry with a reputation since 1991 for products with high quality, reliability and durability, combined with excellent customer support.

TERMEX produces everything you need for constant temperature maintenance in the range of –80 °C to +400 °C. We offer immersion and bath circulators, laboratory thermostats, heating and refrigerated circulator baths, cryostats and chillers.  Our company can also fabricate a custom solution for your unique needs. TERMEX is an experienced manufacturer of constant temperature circulators and baths used for research and science and industry, including uses the calibration of temperature sensors and mercury-glass thermometers. Our thermostats offer high quality, excellent stability and outstanding reliability. We also manufacture specialized equipment thermostats to serve the needs of petroleum inspectors, refineries, tank farms, pipeline facilities, and rail and marine transport; for example, oil products viscosities and density measurements.

For precision thermometry, TERMEX offers exceptionally accurate data loggers and easy to use digital thermometers as an alternative to mercury-glass thermometers. In addition, we manufacture specialized digital thermometers to serve the needs of the petroleum industry. These thermometers are constructed to withstand extensive field use and provide safe operation in flammable environments.

Our product line also includes simple and handy measuring instruments for determining the density of liquid and octane values of fuel.

TERMEX makes high quality, reliable and durable products, combined with very competitive prices.

We are always looking for new customers and trade partners.